What is depression?

Depression is like a dagger of insanity digging a hole in the heart and mind of its host, leaving its host in a state of incompleteness, restlessness and confusion.

Due to observation

To be continued…


Lost 2

Sometimes it is important for you to realize that God did not choose you because you are special but that you are special because God chose you. In order to achieve great things you must put God first, you must have a connection with him, you must be in love with him. It is impossible to forgo spirituality in order to achieve academic excellence. For your spiritual connection with God will give birth to the greatness you desire. God will help you to rise again, he will give you more than you desire 😇. He is the way to the greatness that you desire


In an attempt to understand the ways of the world, to feel the happiness of the world ( partying , clubbing and guys) I had lost my way. I forgot what my priorities were, I had slipped into darkness . I had forgotten my way. Spiritually I had slipped. Academically I had fallen.

In trying to get back up again I wanted to forgo spirituality for academics. But I had forgotten that my spirituality gave birth to my academic excellence. It is impossible to forgo

To be continued…

My first heartbreak

When I had my first heartbreak I didn’t cry, I wasn’t angry but that didn’t reduce how much pain I was feeling. My friends thought I was okay cause I hid my pains. But deep down I was crying like I always do, screaming and that someone would see how much pains I was going through.

I was angry but I didn’t confront him, I was dying inside just to show him how angry I was , to show him how much I was suffering, how much I was hurting. But I didn’t say a thing to him cause I didn’t know how to express my anger.

I wanted to cry out but I couldn’t, the tears were flowing inside but not outside. ‘ cry ‘ I said screaming at myself but I couldn’t I didn’t know how to.

Not being able to express emotions does not make you stronger.

My pains

I grew up hiding my pains and tears and anger that I do not know how to express them anymore . When I cried, I cried inside. When I felt pains I never showed it. I had to learn how to heal alone. I thought I was strong but I wasn’t. But am at the point that although I want to express this emotions I don’t know how to